Footpath Map of South Cerney & Cerney Wick

To get sufficient detail our map has to be large, therefore we offer you here the map in three different sizes. The numbers alongside each footpath are the official BSC references.

The big size has a width of 2,000 pixels and gives the most clear details, but its size is 386 KB so it will take a little while to download. You will then have to scroll the screen both sideways and up and down to find what you want. This is best if you want to save the map, and print it scaled to your printer's width.

The middle size has a width of 1,250 pixels and gives fairly clear details. Its size is 188 KB and you will probably still have to do some scrolling, but not so much.

The small size has a width of 750 pixels and its size is only 80 KB. This won't take so long to download and may well fit across the width of your screen so that you only need to scroll up and down, however it is not so clear and you may have difficulty reading the place names.

All maps open in their own window on your screen, so when finished just close that window and you will come back to here again.